My Cryptozoology Epiphany

I’ve always been an interested skeptic. Stories of the yeti and the Loch Ness monster fascinated me, but also made me laugh! As a scientist, I could never get behind the idea that those things existed without us knowing. That all changed a few years ago. In 2014 I was in Vietnam doing my master’s research on silvered langurs. On a tour around the city of Hanoi my friend told me the story of Cu Rua, the sacred turtle of Hoan Kiem lake. He said it was a turtle the size of a car that had lived in the lake for hundreds of years and was sacred to the people of Hanoi. I looked at the relatively small, dirty lake with little in the way of plants or animal life, and dismissed the story. What an interesting legend I believed it was, but obviously not a real animal. What would it eat? Why don’t people see it every day? Just a story.

In January 2016 I happened across a news article. The sacred turtle of Hoan Kiem was dead. A turtle of almost 400 pounds and over six feet long had washed up on the shores of the river. It was a type of giant river turtle known to inhabit parts of Asia. I was floored. I was wrong. It existed. In that moment I was ashamed. Ashamed I was a scientist who had dismissed the possibility, and ashamed I was an anthropologist who had failed to listen to local people. From that moment on I vowed never to dismiss a cryptid again.

I retain my healthy skepticism. If you are seeking someone to blindly accept all cryptids, I’m not it. I will present my ideas on various cryptids and address new possibilities with an open mind. With a bachelor’s degree in anthropology, ecology, and evolutionary biology, a master’s in primatology, and a doctorate in anthrozoology in the works (yes, I’m not done with my PhD and therefore not a full doctor yet, but it was a catchy title) I have lots of ideas! So prepare to enter the wonderful world of cryptozoology and learn about this crazy planet we all live on!

Published by cryptodaisy

I'm an anthropologist who has always been fascinated with cryptids! With a bachelor's degree in anthropology and ecology/evolutionary biology, a master's in primatology, and a doctorate in anthrozoology in the works I decided it was time to share my theories on cryptids! I have an open mind, but a healthy dose of skepticism!

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  1. Looks like this is going to be interesting; we need more people with bona fide scientific/academic credentials and OPEN MINDS to honestly examine various cryptozoological possibilities. As an avocational Cryptoanthropologist myself (read “Bigfoot researcher” with a BS in Physical Anthropology), I bid you a hearty “Welcome!”, and I look forward to seeing where this goes.


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